start with straight ahead melodic rock, blend with irony and plenty of relationship angst - no, put more in, you can't have enough of that. stew for a few years. add pop sensibility until the mix is smooth but hooky. stew some more. flavour with a dash each of folk and country. substitute alt country if you haven't got any actual country. and for god's sake, serve shaken - not stirred. he gets dizzy quite easily.

a few years ago i set about writing and recording a cd worth of tunes. ten of those songs became a disc i titled '221'.

  1. only human
  2. i lie
  3. time 4 u
  4. disposable boy
  5. frankenstein
  6. cover girl
  7. closer than me
  8. the idiot
  9. stuck
  10. still ms. u

remember b sides? if so, pause and realize that an ever growing portion of the population has never heard of them. collected here are recordings tracked but never mastered, captured live but never tracked, or perhaps that never escaped into the wild at all.

  1. crash site
  2. falling down
  3. head over heels
  4. too late
  5. by now

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